1 Total land available (in acres)
(copy of land documents to be placed as annexure)
25 acres
Copy of land documents enclosed in Annexure- III
2 Whether land is registered in the name of the College? Yes
3 Class Rooms (No. of class rooms and covered area in sq. Ft.)  No. of class rooms - 76
Covered area in sq.m 5620 
4 Laboratories (No. of labs rooms and covered area in sq. Ft.)
(list of labs along with equipment to be placed as annexure)
No. of labs rooms – 102
Covered area in sq.m 8876
Equipment list is enclosed in 
Annexure - IV
5 Central Library  
(i) Total Area 1080 sq.m
(ii) Whether reading room available? Yes
(iii) Details about books, titles, Journals (National/International), CDs,                 e-Resources, e-journals, Theses, etc.) Books – 15176 Nos.
Titles –50759 Nos.
Journals: National – 146 Nos.
International – 113 Nos., CDs – 3333 Nos.
e-Resources & e-journals  - 4051 Nos.
6 Whether Departmental Libraries available? If yes, please give details. Yes
Details enclosed in Annexure-V
7 Hostels
(No. of rooms with students accommodated)
(i) Men Rooms – 94, No. of Students - 336
(ii) Women Rooms – 81, No. of Students - 88
8 Information about  
(i) Administrative Block 1951 sq. m
(ii) Principal Office 50 sq. m
(iii) Staff Room 1395 sq. m
(iv) Common Room 109 sq. m (boys)
109  sq. m (girls)
(v) Canteen 443 sq. m
(vi) Auditorium 850 sq. m
(vii) Internet facilities Bandwidth: 72 Mbps
(viii) Medical facilities Dispensary is available inside the campus
(ix) Transport  49 buses, 1 Emergency vehicle
(x) Other (Amenities) 5236 sq. m
9 Sports Facilities in the College Campus (indoor/outdoor), Play grounds, Fitness equipment, sports coaches, etc. Enclosed in Annexure-VI
10  Total Buildings (covered area in sq. Ft.) 37160 sq. m
11 Whether College website is available and updated regularly? Yes